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Gift #3 Montana Sweet Treats Gift Box


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Enjoy a gift box full of Montana made sweet treats!

  • 5 cups of Huckleberry Cheesecake Popcorn by KornUtopia
  • Martinson's Chocolate Nut Tumbleweeds, 3.5 oz. 
  • 8 oz Bequet Soft Caramels
  • 4 oz Huckleberry Bark
  • Montana Love Wild Huckleberry Candy Bar, 4.5 oz.
  • 4 Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Creams
  • All products made in Montana

Montana Sweet Treats Gift Box! Enjoy a box full of Montana made confections. Huckleberry cheesecake popcorn, Martinson's Chocolate Nut Tumbleweeds, Bequet soft caramels, huckleberry bark, huckleberry chocolate bar and 4 dark chocolate huckleberry creams. A great gift for someone with a serious sweet tooth. There's enough variety to make everyone happy. There's also enough to share (maybe).