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Becky's Berries: 3 oz. Montana Huckleberry Jam

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Indulge in the wild taste of Montana with Becky's Berries Huckleberry Jam, a delightful addition to any Chalet Market gift box. This artisanal jam is crafted in small batches using hand-picked wild huckleberries, ensuring an authentic and intense flavor that captures the essence of Montana's rugged landscapes.

  • Add to any Gift Box for a sweet treat
  • Explosive huckleberry flavor!
  • Wild huckleberry jam
  • 3 oz. glass jar
  • Made in Montana

Each 3 oz. Glass jar is filled with a luscious, deep purple jam that bursts with the sweet-tart taste of ripe huckleberries. The texture is smooth and spreadable, with just enough fruit pieces to remind you of the jam's wild origins.

Spread Becky's Berries jam on a warm scone for a delightful breakfast treat, or use it as a topping for a decadent cheesecake or vanilla ice cream. Its versatile flavor profile also perfectly accompanies savory dishes like roasted pork or grilled chicken.

As a proudly Montana-made product, Becky's Berries Huckleberry Jam showcases the best of the state's natural bounty and artisanal craftsmanship. Each jar is lovingly made in Absarokee, Montana, supporting local berry pickers and preserving the time-honored tradition of huckleberry harvesting.

Experience a taste of Montana's wild beauty with Becky's Berries Huckleberry Jam, and share the love with friends and family by including a jar in your next Chalet Market gift box.

Made with wild huckleberries. Perfect on toast or as a topping for an extra-special cheesecake!  Made in Absarokee, Montana.

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